The slaves have been busy recently and I have waited long enough to see my story told, so I will tell you myself! I am the most adorable little dog in the world. I can entertain you with my funny antics for hours! I do love all the other dogs in the world too, but if they get any fuss before me, I will just knock them out of the way so I get ALL the fuss. It really is all about me. I have the cutest puppy dog eyes. They can make you share your lunch with me, they can make you stroke me whilst making lots of “aaahhh” noises. I am a small bundle of awesomeness. I know this, because the slaves told me every day. I spent a long time with them. I had to have an operation on one of my ears and apparently had a canal removed. I couldn’t believe I had a canal in there in the first place. I still don’t know if there were boats in there too. No wonder they were so itchy and smelly. Finally, I was deemed well enough to look for my forever home and I am so happy to say that I found that a few weeks ago and now have a canine sister who is also a Frenchie. She doesn’t have a canal or any boats in her ears though. That was only for me. I am very special. So this is my story and I am now loving my new life with my fantastic family. Thank you to all of the slave who took such good care of me. Love forever, Mrs Muggles X