I arrived at Pawprints Dog Rescue after my dad passed away suddenly, unlike a lot of the dogs that arrive in rescue i was very lucky and had a great home and a dad that loved me lots but needed help and a new home.

I was a bit quiet when i arrived as i was very sad but whilst i wont forget my dad i was very quickly made to feel welcome with lots of cuddles and treats and went out everyday for 2 walks and had a nice big cosy bed to lie in.

It was not long before i lovely man came to visit me, we had a great walk together and i was sad to see him go.  He came again a couple of days later with more humans and some small dogs, this time and we went for another walk followed by a short trip in a campervan (apparently it was important that i liked this as we are going to be going away on lots of holidays).  I thought it went really well  but then he left me again which made me sad but dont worry he came back and this time when he left he took me with him and i have now officially been adopted.

I have been in my new home a couple of weeks now and am very happy with my new dad, we have already been on holiday as promised and i loved it.  I also have a daily visit to see the extended family which is where my new furry friends live, life is good and i am happy again.

Lots of Love and Licks Isla

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