Hi everyone, Henry here with an update for you all. On 4th November I left Pawprints for my new home with my new mum and dad. Well let me tell you I’ve got my paws well and truly under the table, on the furniture and also in my very own numerous beds dotted around the house. I’m having lots of adventures in the nearby park with doggie and human friends. Everyone loves me and can’t believe that I’m really older than I look. I’ve also been visiting family and behaved very well and I’m getting plenty of treats too. My bestie is great nephew Ciaran who has nicknamed me Happy Hen and I have been to his school to pick him up. I’ve also been to meet my local vet who also gave me treats, and again I was a good boy and he said I was in excellent health. I’m still working on what they call house training, but I am getting better at it although I do have the odd mishap. Holidays have been mentioned and although I don’t know what they are I can tell by their voices that I’ll enjoy myself loads. Been on my first day trip out today to Pensarn, Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea. I really enjoyed my walk on the sandy beach, promenades and a walk around the shops. Had my first visit to a café and did really well at behaving myself, but my goodness me it was difficult to stay still with so many foodie smells around and me always focussed on food. Perhaps it’ll get easier in time. I’ve decided that I will adopt these two so thank you for all you did for me but I’m staying here to look after them and have lots of fun adventures. Good luck to all of my doggie friends there and I hope you find lovely people to adopt you. Lots of love and tailwags Henry (AKA Happy Hen) woof, woof,wag,wag.