Larry (was Hemi) has stolen all of our hearts. We knew he had a gentle soul but we couldn’t have imagined how much love he had to give. Being in a home with a loving family has transformed him. From not trusting people and needing plenty of space, he now presses himself against you and likes to sleep pinning down your legs. He was pretty quick to learn toilet training and we have mastered stairs and baths and wooden / tiled floors so far. Lead behaviour is still a work in progress but he listens carefully and wants to please ? He would sell his soul for a sow’s ear and bed to sleep on but he is the most gentle boy with a really big heart. We can’t imagine ever being without him: from his gangly legs, to the tip of his curly pig tail and licky face. We can’t believe we got this lucky. We can’t wait to see where he is in the next few months but he is already a member of the family, licky face, stinky bottom and all.