Its been a strange couple of weeks for me, first i found myself in a new place and i am only a puppy so was not sure whether to be scared but i soon realised that it wasn’t too bad as i got to meet lots of new people, got lots of cuddles and there was lots of time to play.

I then met some lovely people who kept coming to see me, they bought me lots of treats and and played with me which was fun.  The other morning they put me in a big bath thing, everyone thought i wouldn’t like it and that i would create waves (quite literally) but i was a very good boy, i would say better behaved than most of the older dogs.  The lovely people came to see me again and this time they picked me up (lol that was funny a bit like weight lifting for them) and put me in the car and off we went.  I had no idea where we were off to but the word home was mentioned and then it happened, i realised i had been adopted.  Its been very tiring for such a big puppy so now its time for a rest.  Lots of Love and Licks Blaze.