Well life doesn’t get much better than when you get adopted, and i now lucky enough to have found my humans.

Unfortunately my previous owners we no longer able to care for me so i found myself back at Pawprints Dog Rescue and  whilst the slaves do everything they can for me to make me feel safe and loved is nothing life having your own family.

I loved meeting all the new slaves, there were so many to meet and cuddle and kiss and i ensured all of them were fully trained in these areas as it was very important that i got all of these on a daily basis.  Life was ok in rescue but its only temporary and you never know for how long.

Each time i am introduced to humans i just wished they were the ones that i would go home with and call my own but we all know ‘good things happen to those who wait’ and how true is that.  A couple of weeks ago a lovely family came to meet me, the slaves explained to them that i love my cuddles so sofa time was very important, i love the car so travelling to see new things is brilliant i would like to do this more and lounging on the humans bed is so relaxing so they would need to learn to share with me, well the family ticked all those boxes so i let them adopt me.  I am settling in well and all the above have been adhered to so their training is going very well.  Life is great and i couldn’t be happier, thanks to everyone that supports Pawprints Dog Rescue lots of Love Betsy. X