Sharon Wormald is going to try and do a marathon in a week, please see her Story below and support her.

As you may know i do have problems with my back , spondylitis and the cartilage in my knees is hanging in in there ?. I really want to support Pawprints as i have seen how much they do not only for dogs in their care but for lost and found dogs too. As an admin on their facebook group i can see they never rest . I’m not financially well off but really wanted to try and help them raise some vital funds . Of late they have moved to their own kennels which took up a vast amount of their funds and grants. Covid has stopped so much fund raising and the charity shop also had to close so income is very much needed . As it’s my 21st birthday (cough ) I mean 52nd birthday next week i thought it maybe a good time to try and shake off the lockdown cobwebs . So if you would normally buy me a card or a drink or don’t know me at all but want to directly help the dogs then please consider a donation for my birthday for Pawprints . Thanks for reading this far . ?

Pawprints Dog Rescue