Hi I’m Kiki!  Where I lived before didn’t have a garden but I have one now, and love running around in it. My nose is always working and I love sniffing everywhere I go.  When I first met my new owners, I was excited but very nervous. They have introduced me to so much. They seem to like brushing and washing me, I’m not so keen but I play along because they seem to enjoy it so much.  I was a bit skinny when I met them but soon got back to the weight I should be, as the food is good and there are lots of  treats on offer! At first i was a bit frightened at night but my people made sure I felt safe and cozy so within a few weeks I was happy sleeping all night in my crate. I’m still learning different things but they seem happy with me and I love helping them out in the garden with as much digging as I can fit in, as the picture below shows.

Thank you for helping me to find this pawsome forever home, Kiki xx